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  • Abacus and Mental Arithmetic can increase intelligence and enhance brain function.  So all PAMA  GLOBAL  member countries should cooperate to promote Abacus and Mental Arithmetic for educational development.

  • By holding competitions and teaching demonstration to increase the level of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic for all member countries.

  • Cultivate the friendship of all member countries through annual meetings and all related events.

  • The chairman represents his/her member country as incumbent chairman of this country in  PAMA  GLOBAL .

  • Chairman of every member country is obligated to attend annual meetings/related events and vote.

  • All member countries should apply to hold annual meetings in his/her country.

  • All member countries should hold national competition, verification test and train  teachers on behalf of  its own company name .

  • Every PAMA GLOBAL member country should promote PAMA and follow the regulations.

  • PAMA GLOBAL member countries should do all they can to promote Abacus and Mental Arithmetic education and  its core value.

  • Every PAMA GLOBAL member country should pay related annual fee without any excuses.

  • Every PAMA GLOBAL member country should attend annual meeting and competition  events.  Can not be absent.

If a member violates PAMA’s regulations and damage the reputations of the organization, PAMA and its chairmen might terminate the membership. PAMA Chairmen might vote to terminate the membership of serious offenders in the annual meeting.


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