PAMA Global Membership Requirements 


(1)Only companies that are at least FIVE years old and that have at least 300 students are eligible for membership.


(2)New membership applications will undergo a one-year review period as observing members in the first year. Observing members are invited to attend the annual PAMA Global Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition and present themselves and their company during the chairman meeting. Attendance of the competition and meeting are free, but representatives of the members need to pay for the meals, accommodation and transportation. Students of the observing members are not eligible for competition in the first year. 

(3)At the end of the review period, observing members can decide whether they wish to officially join PAMA. Complete the application and submit $2,000 US of Membership Admission Fee and $1,000 US of Annual Membership Fee for the following calendar year. 

(4) PAMA members are required to participate in PAMA’s Certification Exam System. Each member is required to have at least 500 exams every year. Members who do not meet the yearly requirement will be charge $1 for each deficit. Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Exams are separate categories and both count toward the exam requirement. New members will receive 100 free exam quotas in the first year.

(5)PAMA currently only allows one chairperson in each country, under the presumption that the sitting chairperson will fulfill its membership dutie and obligations, including attending annual competition, participating in certification exams and pay membership fee on time. If a member does not fulfil its membership obligations, the Secretariat reserves the power to accept a second member from the particular country. 

(6)Membership Admission Fee and Annual Membership Fee are non refundable under any circumstance.