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Services from PAMA 

If member countries need the services from the PAMA Secretariat, they can refer to the pricing and details here. All the items here are carefully produced by experts. They are well worth the price and they will be greatly beneficial to your operation. Once both parties enter a contract,  there are rules that members must follow: 

(1)After an order is placed, wired the money to PAMA’s account.  Once the payment is confirmed, the Secretariat will send out the files, which the members can use for printing. 

(2)Once the members obtain the files, they only have the licensing right to use them in their own company in one country. PAMA Secretariat still retains the copyright. The files cannot be resold to other companies or other countries. If the copyrights were violated in any way, violators will need to pay five times the original amount. 

(3)There is a discount of 30% for the branches or franchisees of the same company that are in different countries. 

(4)Trust and honesty are the most important aspects of the business.  Respect the copyrights so that more people and investment will be put into innovating the field. 

1. PAMA Annual Membership Fee $1000 USD 

The membership period starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st of the same year. The annual membership fee is due at the  PAMA International Competition and Meeting. If the member cannot attend the competition, please wire the membership fee to the  Secretariat.

2. Each company is required to participate in PAMA’s Certification 

Exam with at least 500 exams each year. Each student can take the  PAMA Exam twice in a calendar year. When registering for the exams, each student registers for abacus and mental arithmetic subjects separately. The certification exam is open to both students and instructors. The lowest level students can register for is Level 12.  The lowest level teachers can register for is Level 7. The two subjects do not need to share the same level. Students who pass either abacus or mental arithmetic or both subjects will receive the respective certificate(s). If there are between 500 and 1000 exams in a year, there will be a discount of $500 USD for the annual membership fee of that year. If there are more than 1000 exams in a year, the membership fee for that year will be waived. 

The Secretariat will charge $3 USD for each certificate. Each member will set an amount for exam registration, based on the economic conditions and costs of conducting the exam. As an example, Taiwan currently charges $10 USD for one subject of the exam (abacus and mental arithmetic respectively). 

3. PAMA Workbooks: 35 volumes for abacus and 30 volumes for  mental arithmetic; 65 in total 

One of the features of the PAMA workbooks is that they can be further divided into three categories: classroom instruction, exam preparation,  and competition practice. The workbooks correspond to the format of the PAMA Syllabus, Certification Exam, and International Competition.  Many companies often choose to design their own materials, but they often face two challenges. One is the lack of professional knowledge,  which often results in poor planning and errors. The second is the difficulty of making books for the higher levels, which only professionals can manage. 

The special offer price for the PAMA education materials use right differs  depending on how many books are purchased: 

(A) Purchase between 1 to 20 books; the use right of each book is $400US. $8,000 for all 20 books. 

(B)Purchase between 21 to 40 books; the use right of each book is  $350 US. The first 20 books are sold at $400 each. The next 20 are sold at  $350 each. 

(C)Purchase between 41 to 60 books; the use right of each book is  $300 US. See above for the pricing of the first 40 books. The next 20  books are available at $300 EACH 

(D) The licensing fee for all 65 books is $20,000. 

The Secretariat suggests purchasing the books in two orders. One order for the first 30 books (abacus and mental arithmetic within Level 5) in the first year and a second order for the next 35 books (abacus and mental arithmetic above Level 5) in the second year. Members can change the covers of the books as they seem fit, but the PAMA logo must be presented. 


4. Instructional video: 30 episodes 

These instruction videos are recorded by the founder, Mr. David Liao in person. There are 30 episodes, each more than 30 minutes long. From the basic movements of fingers to the advanced omission techniques and solving for square roots, these videos are the greatest tool for instructor training. The videos are available in Chinses and English now. Russian, Spanish, and Arabic versions will be available later. 

The use right of the first 10 episodes is $200 US each, or $2000 in total. 

The use right of episodes 11 to 20 is $175 each. Purchase of the previous episodes is necessary.

The use right of episodes 21 to 30 is $150 each. Purchase of the previous episodes is necessary.

To purchase all 30 episodes, the total price is $5000 US. 

5. Instructor Training Course

PAMA’s Instructor Training Course is dividable into five phases (levels). The content of each phase is more difficult than the previous one.

If a member invites the Secretariat for a local training session, the 

training fees are: 

1. If the number of attendees is below 30, the training fee is  $6,000.  

2. If the number of attendees is above 30, the training fee is $8,000. 3. Returning flights for two people. The accommodation,  transportation and meal services while there 

4. Rent for the training venue, interpreters, staff and more expenses. 

Online training is available is travelling is prohibited, or if there are only  20 teachers. 

Each stage of online training is 20 hours. The training will be delivered in three days. The training fee for an online training session is $4000 US.

6. Professional Instructor Certification (four levels) 

PAMA’s Professional Instructor Certification Program corresponds with the instructor training. It aims to encourage teachers to improve their credentials and give them the social recognition they deserve. Most importantly, it is the best proof for professionalism of a company. The four levels are one-star, two-star, three-star and four-star. 

To receive the Professional Instructor Certification of any level, the candidates must first pass the accompanying exam and the in-person demonstrations. The certification fees is $30 US for one-star, $40 for two-star, $50 for three-star and $60 for four-star. 


7. Classroom Handouts (Two stages) 

PAMA offers classroom handouts for basic finger movement practice.  There are two stages: 

(a) One-digit basic movement, 5’s complement addition and  subtraction, 10’s complement addition and subtraction, mixed  formulae addition and subtraction. From 4 rows and 10 rows. 36  pages

(b)Two-digit basic movement, 5’s complement addition and  subtraction, 10’s complement addition and subtraction, mixed  formulae addition and subtraction. From 3 rows to 6 rows. 36  pages 

The handouts can be used for at least one year in the syllabus. In the first  six months, teachers can use these handouts to increase student’s  proficiency in addition and subtraction. The next six months, these  handouts can be used for advanced mental arithmetic learning. Teachers  can assign students different pages based on students’ ability. 

The use right of the complete set of handouts (72 pages) is available for  $2000 US. 

8. Online Discussion Panel with experts 

The online discussion panel is held bi-monthly. Teachers will be able to  talk with experts regularly and discuss different topics together. The  panels will be held in five different languages (Chinese, English, Russian,  Arabic and Spanish). Each panel is 90 to 100 minutes long. The basic  structure of each panel is: 

1. Instruction Video (15 minutes) 

2. The host and an expert will share their experience in the field with  the teachers (15 minutes) 

3. Discussion on questions related to the video (30 minutes) 4. Other experts, chairmen or teachers will share their experience and  ideas (30 minutes) 

There will be six panels each year. Attendance in the first two years is free. Teachers who complete ten panels will receive the PAMA Panel  Discussion certificate. 

9. PAMA founder training compilation for instructors 

The Professional Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Training Compilation for  Instructors was a collection of Mr. David Liao’s articles in 40 years. It  includes the key points of the four stages of instructor training, helping  teachers understand and utilize the materials better.

Each member will be gifted a copy of this valuable compilation, if they  have been PAMA member for five years and is certified as three-star  instructor or professional trainer. 

10. Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Mini-Encyclopedia 

This is a collection of short articles that range from 1000 to 3000 words  long. These articles answer common questions students or parents might  have and can also help teachers gain a deeper understanding of abacus  and mental arithmetic. They are also ideal marketing materials. The  articles from the mini-encyclopedia will be available for free. An article  will be sent to members each month.  


11. Online Learning Platform 

PAMA’s own online learning platform will be available to its members  for free. It includes three components: online competition (same format  as the international competition), online exam (same format as the  certification exam. Only Level 12 to 6 exams are available), online  practice (addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. Only  Level 12 to 6 questions are available). 


12. PAMA Chairperson Certificate 

PAMA’s International Competition and Annual Meeting is held in early  August every year. During the opening ceremony, the chairperson  certificate will be presented to our chairmen. The effective dates of these  certificates are from August 1st to July 31st of the following year. 

13. PAMA Member Royalty Point Reward 

Members who meet one of the following conditions will receive Royalty  Points 

A. Membership: 1 point for each year 

B. Achieving 500 or more exam in a year: 2 points. Achieving 500 or  less exam in a year: 1 point 

C. Hosting PAMA International Competition and Meeting: 3 to 5  points (based on post-competition rating) 

D. Inviting Secretariat for a local training session: 3 points per session Online Training Session: 2 points per session 

Attending an instructor training course in Taiwan: 1 point per session E. Every 30 professional instructor certificates: 1 point 

F. Essay related to abacus and mental arithmetic (500 to 1000 words):  1 point 

Essay related to abacus and mental arithmetic (1000 words or more):  2 points 

The essays must be verified by experts to be eligible. 

The royalty points can be traded in for discount. Each point is worth $100  US. The royalty points cannot be transferred to other members. The  royalty points will be terminated when a member cancel their  membership.  

The royalty points can be used for discounts on the following:

A. Any item listed above, except the annual membership fee

B. Learning materials (limited to Level 6 or below) 

C. Instructional videos (limited to Level 6 or below) (Episode 1 to  16) 

D. Discounts will be applied to the basic prices only 

E. After a member receive the electronic files, no refund will be  issued 

F. Members who accumulate 50 points will be appointed as board  members of PAMA. Specific position will be assigned later 

PAMA’s services can be ordered individually. PAMA will provide full after-sale services for each item. Any questions or inquiries can  be directed to the Secretariat. 

All of the above services are available in package offering (contract necessary).


If members are interested in multiple items from this contract, we suggest signing a  medium to long-term contract that bundles multiple services in a  package. This is the most cost-effective model, and the results will be  apparent immediately but still lasting. If you wish to learn more,  please contact PAMA Secretariat for more information. 

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