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PAMA Workshop by Johnson Fu

Moscow, May 3rd-5th, 2019.

We would like to invite you to join PAMA Global Mental Arithmetic Workshop featuring world leading specialist Johnson Fu!

Abakus-Center gives a workshop Reboot 2.0 with a Director of PAMA Global which is the world most authoritative Mental Arithmetic Association.

Workshop Program:

Day 1

· Important recommendations in addition and subtraction

· Mental counting in addition and subtraction

· Decimal fractions, negative numbers

· Multiplication and division 2Dx3D, 3Dx2D, 4D/2D

· Practical training of division/multiplication

· PAMA Certification procedure

Day 2

· Multiplication3Dх3D

· Division 5D/2D, 5D/3D

· Mental counting in multiplication and division 2Dx1D, 3Dx1D, 3D/1D, 4D/1D

· Practical training of Level 5

Day 3

· Multiplication 3Dx4D, 4Dx3D

· Division 6D/2D, 3D, 4D

· Square root

· Mental counting in multiplication and division of more complicated sums

· Specific teaching techniques in mental arithmetic and Olympiad champions training

The workshop will be useful for everybody, but it is advisable to enroll if you have mastered at least in Level 7 by April 2019.

Mr. Johnson will mainly speak Chinese, the interpreter form Chinese will be available throughout the session.

Feedback on previous workshop/training session.

Video from last year workshop:

Should you have any question feel free to contact

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