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Moscow training session 2020 from PAMA

January 24-26, 2020

World leading specialist, Johnson Fu was invited to give a seminar in Moscow for teachers of Abakus center

Thank you to all of the teachers who attended the seminar and we are grateful to have the opportunity to bring high-quality abacus and mental arithmetic education to Russia. We would like to invite you to join the future PAMA Global Mental Arithmetic Workshop!

Workshop Program:

  • Important recommendations in addition and subtraction

  • Mental counting in addition and subtraction

  • Multiplication and division

  • Practical training of division/multiplication

  • PAMA Certification procedure

  • Specific teaching techniques in mental arithmetic and Olympiad champions training

  • Common student mistakes, practice

Abakus-Center gives a workshop with a Director of PAMA Global which is the world's most authoritative Mental Arithmetic Association

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This Is amazing that they can do such hard work.GO PAMA!

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