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PAMA Online Symposium Implementation Rules

Dear Chairmans:

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. The spread of the Covid-19 epidemic this year has caused great losses to the businesses and economies of various countries, and also suspended the PAMA competition and annual meeting at the end of the year. In this period of low tide, everyone can get a chance to rest,

and also readjust the company's internal and direction, hoping to rise again after the epidemic. The secretariat will also discuss and develop new service items during this period, and we will report to you one by one in the future. First, we will launched an "online seminar" to interact and discuss teaching with teachers from all over the world through online video, hoping to directly help teachers and make companies more competitive.

Rules for the implementation of online forums:

(1) Four languages will be provided for this symposium: Chinese, English, Russian, and Arabic. Spanish will be added in 2022. Please choose a language that is suitable for your country to participate. Repeat registration is not allowed.

(2) For each member country, we will provide five free quota as a benefit. Registration is based on first come first served, and the course will be determined when 100 members are reached. If member states want more teachers to participate, please arrange them in order of priority. If there are vacancies, we will distribute them equally to all member states. Yes, all teachers are free for the first year. Don't miss out this great opportunity.

(3) If the results are significant, it will continue in the next year of 2022. Each member country still provides five free quota as a benefit; for the excess places, we will charge $50 US dollars for each teacher (six lessons throughout the year). This fee pays the host, interpreter, invited guests and staff overtime, and the shortfall is subsidized by the secretariat. We recommend that each member state charge 100 US dollars for lectures, but only pay $50 US dollars to the secretariat, and keep the rest on their own.

(4) In principle, the following will be implemented in the year of 2021.

English: (on the third Sunday of the listed months: January, March, May, July,

September, and November/ 9:00-10:30 am).

Chinese (on the third Sunday of the listed months: January, March, May, July,

September, and November/ 11:00-12:30 am).

Russian: (on the third Sunday of the listed months: February, April, June,

August, October, and December / 2:00-3:30 pm).

Arabic: (on the third Sunday of the listed months: February, April, June, August,

October, and December / 4:00-5:30 pm).

The host for the first year tentatively scheduled by the founding and chairman of

PAMA, Mr. David Liao with translator.

Spanish will be suspended for the first year and will be added in 2022. The above time is based on Taiwan time, please make a note of it.

(5) The schedule of each class is divided into four short paragraphs:

a) Watching the unit video (15 minutes).

b) Invited senior/ experienced teachers to discuss and share the unit teaching experience (15 minutes).

c) Online discussion with teachers. Discuss and publish experience together (30 minutes).

d) Guest interview (talk about teaching concepts and business experience sharing by the guests) (30 minutes).

A total of 90 minutes. In each online class, abacus and mental arithmetic chairman and celebrities from all over the world will be invited as guests of this online class. The unit videos are divided into 18 units over three years (see the attachment for the content)

(6) Teachers who have fully attended six courses of the year and passed the seventh-level abacus and tenth-level mental arithmetic tests will be able to apply for the PAMA one-star teacher certificate (the cost of the certificate is $30 USD). If you are absent two times, you will be disqualified for the second year registration.

(7) Teachers from different countries who are not members of PAMA, but are willing to participate, can also sign up. Each company is limited to one; if you want to share this information, you can introduce another teacher to participate, up to two. The first year is also free (class rights are the same as above), but

starting from the second year, a class fee of US$100 (six lessons throughout the year) will be charged, and no extra charge for one-star teacher certificate.

(8) This online symposium is not suitable for people who have no experience in teaching abacus and mental arithmetic and who have not fully accomplish two-digit abacus. Please do not occupy the quota. It is also not suitable for teachers who insist on using two hand abacus operations. In order to maintain copyright, video recording is prohibited in online forums.

(9) If a member country is unable to participate due to language or other factors, and hopes to set up another group of dedicated online seminars, the secretariat will charge a lecture fee of $3,000 USD (six lessons throughout the year), and must employ local Chinese translation. There is no limit to the number of teachers participating in the symposium, and there is no additional cost of one-star teacher certificate. Please contact the secretariat if more information is needed.

(10) Registration will be accepted from December 10, 2020, please complete the form (see the attachment for the content), attach a photo (use for one-star certificate), and send it to the PAMA Secretariat special mailbox:

PAMA global abacus & mental arithmetic association secretariat

2021 PAMA registration form、Video teachi
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2021 PAMA Online symposium of 18 themati
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