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Another Major Achievement of “Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Without Border”

Another Major Achievement of “Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Without Border”

I was very honored to be invited by Mr. Rustam Bagautdinov, Chairman of PAMA Russia, to co-host the three-day teacher’s training session in Moscow from May 3rd to 5th . The event saw more than 30 teachers taking part. They are abacus & mental arithmetic enthusiasts from Moscow and its nearby cities, or devotees coming all the way from Siberia, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. Originally a traditional feat used by the Chinese communities, abacus and mental arithmetic has also been promoted by many people in Western countries in recent years. Witnessing the remarkable growth has given me plenty of inspirations and the realization Chinese should cherish their traditions more.

Throughout the training session I was so impressed by the participants’ total focus and commitment during the seminar. They made every endeavor to write down comprehensive notes of what was taught in each chapter, which was the manifestation of their eagerness and activeness in learning to become better, more knowledgeable teachers.

PAMA Global has members from more than 24 countries in five continents. David Liao, the founder, has been leading this organization diligently on the path towards achieving his dream, which is to promote education of abacus and mental arithmetic far and wide to every corner of the world. I believe that with our joint efforts we can accomplish our goal by and eventually make “Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Without Border” a reality.

Secretary General of PAMA Johnson Fu

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