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16. Complimentary functions of computer flash calculation

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

In the past three decades, the footprint of the abacus has gradually spread all over the world. This is a well-known fact. But with the exception of a few technologies exported abroad, most of them belong to countries and companies that imported technology. The professional knowledge and technology of abacus calculations are not difficult for newcomers to this industry, but it takes a long time to practice and training to reach a certain level. Some companies think that it is not necessary to arrange the courses too deeply. After all, the length of study for students is about three years. Therefore, the professional competence of teachers is not specifically required, and supplemented by computer flash computing equipment developed in various countries in recent years to assist teachers in teaching and training students mental arithmetic and speed improvement, it should also be sufficient to meet the needs of teaching.

It sounds reasonable. Teachers are difficult to train, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Most companies cannot wait for a high level before they can begin to teach students. Therefore, the argument that computer development has affected the development of abacus mental arithmetic in previous years has gradually reversed to help abacus mental arithmetic to allow more countries and teachers to invest in this industry. Initially, computer equipment assisted in the practice of mental arithmetic, and secondly, manufacturers have developed handheld game consoles, including exercises to see addition and subtraction, multiplication and division of mental arithmetic. It is a pity that there were not many users at that time, all of them maintained the traditional face-to-face teaching method, which was too conservative and lost opportunities.

Until the past ten years, the countries that have developed abacus mental arithmetic have gradually increased, and business opportunities have emerged. Many companies have begun to develop computer teaching systems to help students increase interest and improve learning efficiency. Perhaps it is the mutual exchange and imitation among the same industry, coupled with the rapid development of computer technology, the existing abacus and mental arithmetic computer teaching system is more diverse and refined. In addition to the original question-making system that has more changes and qualities, it is also presented in the form of cartoons and comics, allowing students to enter the game to learn, lively and interesting. Secondly, it is a professional-level design. It completes the teaching process from the shallower to the deeper. It is a series of computer teaching units, which helps completely strangers to recognize and enter the teaching ranks in the shortest time. At the same time, in order to verify and compete in the market, it is also designed to allow individuals or groups to do interactive tests and competitions online.

The introduction and update of the computer teaching system has brought revolutionary changes to the abacus education. The degree of future intervention will only increase and there will be no turning back. From the perspective of its development, we have gain some experiences:

(1) It will increase the business opportunities of distance teaching. This business opportunity is not only used to teach students, its greater significance lies in the training of teachers. The traditional study abroad or invited to teach abroad, can have face-to-face interaction, personal experience of foreign cultures and friendships, and the significance of publicity. However, it is possible to avoid the troubles of long-distance flight and time lag, and therefore expand the territory so that teachers everywhere can easily join the ranks. It is also a stopgap measure and is a potential market. If you can have both, it is the best strategy.

(2) The use of paper materials will be reduced. Regardless of the subject, students are the least willing to do homework, and abacus is no exception. Teachers are worried that students will not do their homework to affect their progress, and they are also worried that students will be less interested in doing homework, and parents will find it difficult to do so. Computer homework will gradually be promoted, and students doing homework online will be honestly passed on to teachers and parents, which will be helpful for progress adjustment. But computer work should slow the quality of teaching unless students have regular quantitative exercises. Therefore, the operation of paper teaching materials is still a necessary way of learning at present, and cannot be completely abandoned.

(3) No matter how advanced the teaching technology will be in the future, computer equipment will always assist from the standpoint of assisting teachers in teaching and lack of time, and should not completely replace their role. Because people maintain and enhance mutual trust and friendship through language and physical interaction. In the classroom, the emotional communication between teachers and students is an important motivation and continuation of learning, which is something that computers can never do.

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