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02. Why do students learn abacus and mental arithmetic?

One common question people have is “In an era of easy access to computers and calculators, why go through the trouble of learning mental arithmetic?

It is quite simple. Why do we run or ride bikes when we have automobiles? We do it to exercise and do keep our body healthy. Similarly, learning abacus not only train children’s calculation ability, but also stimulate brain cells, making them smarter. The advantages of calculator are its convenience, swiftness, and the fact that you can get an answer without much work on your part. But can you still get the correct answer if the calculator is out of battery or if you press the wrong button?

The training of abacus involves teaching students the basic mathematic principles and formulae. Once they become adept in abacus and move on to mental arithmetic, their speed in calculation will far exceed that of a calculator. They will never have to worry about not having a calculator in hand to worry about running out of battery. Simply put, learning mental arithmetic is far more reliable than relying on a calculator.

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04. What is the best age for students to learn abacus?

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