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01. What are abacus and mental arithmetic?

Abacus is an ancient calculator originated from China. It was used for basic mathematic operations and solve questions like square roots. There are certain rules and formulae to follow when using an abacus. When a user can operate an abacus proficiently, not only will he calculate the answer very quickly, but it will also imprint the abacus’s shape and its beads into the brain by stimulating brain cells, almost like having an invisible abacus. This imprinted image of the abacus is called “phantom abacus”. Calculating mentally on this phantom abacus, is what we call “mental arithmetic”.

Once a person become adept in mental arithmetic, he can easily outpace an electronic calculator. Often, he can immediately produce an answer when he hears or sees the problem.

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02. Why do students learn abacus and mental arithmetic?

One common question people have is “In an era of easy access to computers and calculators, why go through the trouble of learning mental arithmetic? It is quite simple. Why do we run or ride bikes whe

04. What is the best age for students to learn abacus?

The best time (for a student) to begin learning abacus is between age six to ten. Students/children under six are not fit to hold a pencil and learn abacus since their finger muscles are still develop


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