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13. What can parents do to help when students are learning abacus?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The first six months are the most crucial period. Since it is quite different from traditional school math, the first six months will be spent on the basic rules and formulae of abacus. Students must practice for 15 minutes everyday as teachers requested. The parents can help by checking the answers for them. If students do not answer correctly, ask them to redo the questions again. If they are still having troubles, they can ask the teachers who they go to the class. Students will improve very quickly if they receive the help from parents and will enjoy going to class. Do not ask teachers to speed up the lessons. Not only will doing so give teachers pressure, it will also take away the opportunity for students to practice the materials, affecting later lessons.

If students complete the homework during this period, they will gradually have the image of abacus in their head and have the foundation for mental arithmetic. Then, the teachers will begin mental arithmetic with hearing then slowly proceed to mental with viewing. Therefore, parent’s support and encouragement will be the best facilitator in learning.

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