PAMA Training Session for Teachers

In August and December every year, the Secretariat holds training session of different levels in Taipei, Taiwan. Our training program are divided into 4 stages. Each stage requires a three-day training (7 hours a day, 21 hours in total). The purpose of the training is to provide quality techniques and knowledge to teachers in the classroom, helping them manage the class in the most efficient and error-free ways.

Each training stage is about the equivalent of around 2 years of student progress. The training sessions are very intensive and attendees must practice diligently after the training session. The training will be delivered by PAMA founder and PAMA Taiwan Chairman, David Liao. He will share with you 30 years of experience in an easy-to-learn and creative way. Upon completion, attendees will receive a Certificate endorsed by PAMA Secretariat.

If you have any question about our training program, you can email us. You can find the Training Program Syllabus here and register for the next training program here

The next training session will take place between December 12 and 14 in Taipei, Taiwan. The first level training and the second level training will be available.

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