2016 PAMA Global Abacus and Mental Association Seminar Course Overwhelming Response, Great Success 泛

PAMA secretariats held the first stage of seminars at Chientan Youth Activity Center 313 meeting room in Taiwan from Aug. 2 nd to 4 th 2016. There are three stages from 2016 to 2018 about the seminar and Taiwan chairman David Liao, will give lessons in person. There were a lot of nations in this seminar, and they were satisfied with the lessons that included full professional knowledge. The members included Taiwan, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Vietnam, India, Iran and son on. We invited some members to perform the abacus skills on the stage in class , and we could see they’re involved in this seminar. Besides, the members all upgraded their professional teaching skills. Thanks to the overwhelming response, we decided to begin one more lesson in the middle of December. Please take your chance and keep your eyes on the activity information. 泛太平洋珠心算協會秘書處於2016年八月2~4日在台灣劍潭海外青年活動中心313會 議室舉辦第一階段師資研習課程,此課程將連續三年區分三階段由台灣總會會長廖正 輝親自授課。參與課程的國家相當踴躍,有來自台灣、澳洲、南非、俄羅斯、越南、 印度、伊朗等等,學員們對課程內容安排相當滿意,且都學習到相當完整的專業課程 知識,並於課中請學員們上台示範,只見學員們相當的投入,也感受到大家都提升了 不少的專業教學技巧,因學員反應熱烈,本階段師資研習課程將於12月中旬再加開課 一次,敬請把握機會,隨時留意各項活動訊息。

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