2015 PAMA Interview with Newspape 記者招待會

會中媒體記者也聞訊前來採訪本次大會活動,中華民國總會會長 廖正輝說 ,算盤看起來是個古老的、很落伍的東西,尤其是三十多年前計算機開始普及 之後,算盤的功能受到忽略和取代,但是實際上,它永遠都不會被淘汰。在計 算機已經普遍應用的時代為什麼要用算盤?人腦的運算過程被機器所取代,這 會導致人思維不活躍、過度依賴電腦,而人腦的功能才是最強大的。與小小的 算盤相比,計算機有很多無法克服的缺陷,例如:不方便攜帶、沒有電就不能 工作、運算速度相對較慢等。目前,珠心算已經從原始的運算功能更多應用在 兒童開發智力和技能領域,從只有臺灣、日本、韓國及中國,擴展到東南亞及 北美、歐洲、非洲及大洋洲等多個國家。孩子通過學習訓練將算盤記憶到腦中 ,通過腦中算盤運算,快速求出加、減、乘、除、平方等運算結果,可提高智 力、記憶力、專注力等多種能力。 During a press interview, Mr. David Liao, PAMA GLOBAL Taiwan chairman says that abacus seems become out of date after computerization, because its function is replaced by computer. However, Mr. Liao believes abacus will never be eliminated. People depend too much on computers, which cause brain not so active. Computer might replace the abacus calculation process and it slows down brain function. In fact, human brain is the most powerful one. Computer has its weakness. Compared to computer, abacus is easy to carry and can be used when no electricity. Abacus skill has been switched from arithmetic to children brain development. Originally abacus been widely used in Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China, now it expends to South East Asia, North America, Europe, Africa and Oceania. Abacus trains children to do arithmetic in their minds. High speed of arithmetic calculation of subtraction/addition, multiplication, division and square roots can increase intelligent, memory, concentration.

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