2015 PAMA Interview with Newspape 記者招待會

December 30, 2015

會中媒體記者也聞訊前來採訪本次大會活動,中華民國總會會長 廖正輝說











During a press interview, Mr. David Liao, PAMA GLOBAL Taiwan chairman says that

abacus seems become out of date after computerization, because its function is replaced by

computer.  However, Mr. Liao believes abacus will never be eliminated.  People depend

too much on computers, which cause brain not so active.  Computer might replace the

abacus calculation process and it slows down brain function.  In fact, human brain is the

most powerful one.  Computer has its weakness.  Compared to computer, abacus is easy to

carry and can be used when no electricity.  Abacus skill has been switched from arithmetic

to children brain development.  Originally abacus been widely used in Taiwan, Japan,

Korea and China, now it expends to South East Asia, North America, Europe, Africa and

Oceania.  Abacus trains children to do arithmetic in their minds.  High speed of arithmetic

calculation of subtraction/addition, multiplication, division and square roots can increase

intelligent, memory, concentration.











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