Secretariat organize a meeting for all PAMA chairmen from March 16~18 and taking place at Hotel RegaLees in Tamsui, Taiwan. Mr. David Liao, the PAMA Taiwan chairman is invited to hold a teaching seminar of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on the 1st day. Mr. David demonstrates mental arithmetic. The speed is so fast, very professional and 100% accurate. All chairmen are impressived.

On the 2nd day and the morning of 3rd day, chairmen discuss all pending issues in conferences room. Issues, such as hosting countries for next 3 years, regulation for new member entrance, verification system, competition and recent secretariat project highlight are discussed. Chairmen are highly participated, exchange comments and reach several common goals.

In the 3rd day afternoon, secretariat arrange chairmen a sightseeing tour. They visit the famous Shihlin night market in Taipei and the local street food. Honor guard swifting at Martyr Shrine. The historical spot, the famous Fort Santo Domingo. Of course, must visit Taipei 101, the landmark of Taipei. Chairmen enjoy the sightseeing and culture very much.

Secretariat presents chairmen certificate and PAMA regulation to all chairmen. Chairmen exchange gifts. The 3 days chairmen meeting end in a satisfactory way.

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