The most excited events - PAMA Global annual competition

PAMA established since 1999 and based on convention members take turn to host competition. The 1st competition hosted by Taiwan, then Malaysia, Thailand,Canada, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan by hosted sequence. This year, the 14th competition will be hosted bythe 15th host country, South Africa. The competition grand opening date is Dec.30th2014 and taking place in the venue, Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa. PAMA South Africa has approached by National TV Broadcaster DSTV to do PAMA 2014 advertising campaign to promote the competition. The promotion advertising will attract more attendants and parents to participate. More countries show interests to have chance to witness the global competition and wish to become one of PAMA members. The best footnote of such grand events is “No matter what’s your nationally, abacus arithmetic makes us one”.

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