2013 Teaching seminars

Begin from 2013, teaching seminars become one of programs and it’s arranged by PAMA Global secretariats. The topics of seminars are diverse. It could be from Calculation of extraction of the square root, Calculation of extraction of the cubic root, Calculation of decimal multiplication and division (grade 3 or up), Contractedcalculation of multiplication and division (grade 1 orup), Calculation of a file of slips, Four fundamental operation of arithmetic, mental arithmetic teachingdemonstration, contestants training, nine beads teaching, Computer auxiliary teaching to business management and experience sharing. The topic for 2013 teaching seminar is Calculation of extraction of the square root. Participants are chairmen and teachers. Lecture is given in Chinese and English by chief secretary, Mr. Johnson Fu and leader of publicrelation, Mrs. Michelle Chen. During the seminars, participants concentrate to the lecture and help each other to complete the practice. Mr. David Liao, chairman of PAMA Taiwan gave 3 questions and 3 volunteers answered perfectly. All participants passed the test and awarded certificates provided by PAMA global secretariats. It’s a quite amazing experience that teaching seminars given to members from more than 10 countries. It’s again proven there are no national boundaries, because abacus and mental arithmetic makes us one.

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