The 13th PAMA competition grand opened on Dec. 28,2012

The 13th PAMA competition grand opened on Dec. 28,2012 and taken place in Shangrila Paradise which located in Miaoli County, Taiwan. The wonderful 2 days events was planned and organized by Mr. David Liao, chairman of PAMA Taiwan and with assistance of Mr. Johnson Fu, the chief secretary of PAMA Secretariats. For 1st day,the warm-up practice before competition was arranged during daytime and continued with fun campfire party at night. The competition held in the morning of 2nd day wasvery fierce. In addition to that, PAMA Taiwan prepared yummy children’s meal includes ten kind of kids favor food, such as fried chicken, French fries, pizza, coke and etc…) especially for young fellows. The 2 days tense activity attracted contestants and parents more than 1000 to participate. County head, Mr. Zheng-Hong, Lu and Socialites dignitaries gave a speech to celebrate the global major abacus and mental arithmetic event.

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