• Abacus and Mental Arithmetic can increase intelligence and enhance brain function.  So all PAMA  GLOBAL  member countries should cooperate to promote Abacus and Mental Arithmetic for educational development.

  • By holding competitions and teaching demonstration to increase the level of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic for all member countries.

  • Cultivate the friendship of all member countries through annual meetings and all related events.

  • The chairman represents his/her member country as incumbent chairman of this country in  PAMA  GLOBAL .

  • Chairman of every member country is obligated to attend annual meetings/related events and vote.

  • All member countries should apply to hold annual meetings in his/her country.

  • All member countries should hold national competition, verification test and train  teachers on behalf of  its own company name .

  • Every PAMA GLOBAL member country should promote PAMA and follow the regulations.

  • PAMA GLOBAL member countries should do all they can to promote Abacus and Mental Arithmetic education and  its core value.

  • Every PAMA GLOBAL member country should pay related annual fee without any excuses.

  • Every PAMA GLOBAL member country should attend annual meeting and competition  events.  Can not be absent.


If secretariat finds out that a member country seriously violate PAMA GLOBAL regulation and ruin   PAMA  GLOBAL's  reputation, secretariat will raise the issue to be discussed in annual meeting.  If 2/3 chairmen vote to withdraw the chairman's qualification, will find other proper person to replace.



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