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PAMA GLOBAL becomes more unverisal recognized and members are increasing rapidly. It is essential to set up secretariats to be the bridge between members and assist members for more and more daily correspondence. PAMA GLOBAL SECRETARIATS is set up to provide service to member countries. Its function is to help all members to understand PAMA GLOBAL operation and related detail of the competition, to assist hosting country for the meeting and competition. Of course make sure all plans and decisions made are executed accurately for all members.

Johnson Fu

The Secretary-General


O: 886-2-2882-3993 | M: 886-935-193164

F: 886-2-2883-8000

Austin Liao

Public Relations Practitioner

O: 886-2-2882-3993 | M:

F: 886-2-2883-8000

Michael Lee


O: 886-2-2882-3993 | M:

F: 886-2-2883-8000