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December 30, 2015





The 2015 chairmen meeting before competition held in PAMA USA chairman office.  

All chairmen are happy to gather together.  USA chairman, Mrs. Jin Hwei Chen calls

for the meeting and explains competition flow in detail to all chairmen.  General

secretary, Mr. Johnson Fu and vice general secretary, Mrs Jennifer Hsu explain the

detail of 1st prize tournament to all others.  All are ready to have the yearly great

even PAMA competition in next day.



December 30, 2015

會中媒體記者也聞訊前來採訪本次大會活動,中華民國總會會長 廖正輝說











During a press interview, Mr. David Liao, PAMA GLOBAL Taiwan chairman says that

abacus seems become out of date after computerization, because its function is replaced by

computer.  However, Mr. Liao believes abacus will never be eliminated.  People depend

too much on computers, which cause brain not so active.  Computer might replace the

abacus calculation process and it slows down brain function.  In fact, human brain is the

most powerful one.  Computer has its weakness.  Compared to computer, abacus is easy to

carry and can be used when no electricity.  Abacus skill has been switched from arithmeti...

December 30, 2015







On day before competition, secretariats hold seminar training for all members.  2015

seminar topic is level 3 multiplications, division and calculation of slip of file.  The lecture

is given in Chinese and English and the teachers are Mr. Johnson (secretary general) and

Mrs. Jennifer (vice secretary general) of PAMA GLOBAL secretariats.  All participants

pass the test and award the seminar certificate.  Although we are all from different

countries, the common language “ABAUS” lead us learn together.  Abacus, the

intangible culture heritage gathering us together and PAMA GLOBAL become one big

family in ABACUS world.



September 18, 2015



    The 15th PAMA GLOBAL COMPETITION will be held in USA by PAMA GLOBAL USA in Dec. 29, taking place at Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco.  The best contestants selected by each countries member will represent their countries for the competition.  In additional to the competition in abacus skill, it’s a great chance to make new friends from different countries.  The competition will be able to increase awareness of learning abacus worldwide.


鑑於此,中華民國總會積極鼓勵臺灣各區選手參與此次選手選拔,會長 廖正輝先生更貼心的提供獎學金制度來鼓勵選手們達到參賽的目標,希望每位選手都能加緊練習,獲得最優秀的成績,代表中華民國出賽為國爭光。


Mr. David Liao, the chairman of PAMA GLOBAL Taiwan, give scholarship to students who meet the requirement for the competition and become national contestants.  It does encourage students to join the Taiwan try-out competition.  Hope all contestants practice harder in...

December 27, 2013

PAMA established since 1999 and based on convention members take turn to host competition. The 1st competition hosted by Taiwan, then Malaysia, Thailand,Canada, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan by hosted sequence. This year, the 14th competition will be hosted bythe 15th host country, South Africa. The competition grand opening date is Dec.30th2014 and taking place in the venue, Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa. PAMA South Africa has approached by National TV Broadcaster DSTV to do PAMA 2014 advertising campaign to promote the competition. The promotion advertising will attract more attendants and parents to participate. More countries show interests to have chance to witness the global competition and wish to become one of PAMA members. The best footnote of such grand events is “No matter what’s your nationally, abacus arithmetic makes us one”.

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