PAMA GLOBAL, a non-profit organization, established in 1999. Its purpose is to promote abacus and mental arithmetic education. Children learn abacus and mental arithmetic can increase concentration and learning effectiveness. Having the skill likes having a bridge to connect people from different countries. There are several similar organizations, but PAMA GLOBAL is the most representative organization due to its scale and regularly competitions. Members are proud being a member of PAMA GLOBAL and will work hard to maintain the image and reputation.


Member countries and annual competition:


PAMA GLOBAL established for 17 years and 15 competitions have been held in different member countries.  At present, the formal member countries are: Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, South Africa, Vietnam, Korea, Lebanon and Saudi Arab.  Member countries under probation include: India, Japan and Australia. The competition hosting countries for coming 3 years are: 2016 – Korea, 2017 – South Africa, and 2018 - Malaysia.

Future plan:


PAMA GLOBAL is an organization that members work steadily with benign development. All members are looking forward PAMA GLOBAL becomes the most important organization to abacus and mental arithmetic education field. In the meantime, all members’ enterprises grow prosperously and vigorous.

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